The Swearing In of A Therapeutic Space: How to Therapeutically Swear and Fucking Mean it!

As therapists, we are aware of how powerful language is for both healing and harm. We are also appreciative of how limiting language is of human experience. Otto Rank, Sigmund Freud, and Wilfred Bion all theorized that we are born into trauma due in part to not being able to verbalize our initial experiences. ImagineContinue reading “The Swearing In of A Therapeutic Space: How to Therapeutically Swear and Fucking Mean it!”

Anger: Holding Both – The Power of “And” Part 2

This is the second installment of the Holding Both quotes analysis series. This post explores quotes on anger.

A LOVE Letter To My Clients

One of the most influential debates I remember from school was, “Is it okay to love your clients?” I am going to let that sit there for a bit…. Sounds like a pretty loaded question, huh? At first blush, we might feel like that’s too messy of a feeling to be able to allow andContinue reading “A LOVE Letter To My Clients”

The 7 Advantages of IM Teletherapy for Therapists and Clients Alike

Teletherapy Instant Message (IM) therapy or teletherapy has been around for years through platforms like BetterHelp and TalkSpace. As a student in the early 2010s, I was pretty skeptical of anything outside of in person therapy. I wondered how you could get a true therapeutic experience at a distance. Teletherapy, however, has been shown toContinue reading “The 7 Advantages of IM Teletherapy for Therapists and Clients Alike”

The Sacred Arena: A Poem

Where curating hope is on the menu  And being together is the venue  Where our thoughts and hearts bleed through And fiery red anger turns a deep well of blue Where the unspoken can be shared And all of our wounds can be bared  Where we excavate the truth  And take the file to beingContinue reading “The Sacred Arena: A Poem”

Birding Your Brain: A Mindfulness Exercise

To start this exercise, please find a comfortable position in your chair, on your deck, in bed, on your yoga or meditation mat, or wherever you find yourself reading this post. If that doesn’t feel like a place where you have space to yourself to just be for some moments, try to relocate to findContinue reading “Birding Your Brain: A Mindfulness Exercise”

The Space Between…

Welcome to the Space Between, a blog that I will keep updated Sundays and Wednesdays. You will find a mixture of my thoughts about therapeutically relevant topics and exercises of my own creation. I will also have posts that are designated for other clinicians using more therapeutic jargon that you are also free to viewContinue reading “The Space Between…”

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