Getting Back To It

This is going to be brief. I am putting it back out into the universe that I am going to be getting back to writing and working on this website. Stay tuned. I am working on banking some content, but also putting out some new stuff here and there. If you haven’t seen it yet,Continue reading “Getting Back To It”

Indefinite Hiatus

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet. I’ve done a lot of rumbling…and while I have really wanted this blog as a creative outlet so badly, I’m not in the time or place in my life where I can do this the way I would like to. Family responsibilities and family timeContinue reading “Indefinite Hiatus”

Gaming Media on the Rise— Week of 1/2/22

Every week I will be reviewing a reputable news article and engaging with it from a mental health professional standpoint. These will be short posts following a three segment model: 1. The News=short synopsis of article 2. The View= My initial impression of the article, and the news impact in the mental health world 3.Continue reading “Gaming Media on the Rise— Week of 1/2/22”

Min(d)ing The Media Season 1 Episode 1

Min(d)ing The Media is a blog dedicated to exploring the world of all media content, and mindfully mining the psychological and therapeutic gems from said content. I will be exploring different medias and teasing out themes that we can focus in on and maybe learn a little more about what it means to be human.Continue reading “Min(d)ing The Media Season 1 Episode 1”

A Past, Present, and Future Loss

Inspiration: After watching the new Christmas Carol (2022) on Netflix, (highly recommend for Christmas Carol fans) Becky (wife and sometimes site admin) stated “Hey this would be a good blog dealy for you, y’know the three ghosts and grief and stuff.” Setup: Grief is our emotional, sensational, and cognitive reaction to loss. The most recognizedContinue reading “A Past, Present, and Future Loss”

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