Avoidance, Procrastination, and Hiatus, Oh My!

So. Well….This is awkward…   It has clearly been a long, long while since I have published anything on my site. To be exact, I haven’t written a piece since 2021 rolled over. I have an unfinished draft of a piece I was writing on depression that also spoke to how I was feeling during theContinue reading “Avoidance, Procrastination, and Hiatus, Oh My!”

Missing, But Not Lost

We are on the cusp of winter and as we usher out this difficult year, I find myself reflecting on those I have lost. I imagine the empty spaces that are left in the homes of those who have passed, the Zoom calls or visits that would be scheduled, the socially-distanced connections. This is aContinue reading “Missing, But Not Lost”

The Swearing In of A Therapeutic Space: How to Therapeutically Swear and Fucking Mean it!

As therapists, we are aware of how powerful language is for both healing and harm. We are also appreciative of how limiting language is of human experience. Otto Rank, Sigmund Freud, and Wilfred Bion all theorized that we are born into trauma due in part to not being able to verbalize our initial experiences. ImagineContinue reading “The Swearing In of A Therapeutic Space: How to Therapeutically Swear and Fucking Mean it!”

How I Built Me

   For this post, I am going to offer an exercise that is rooted in mindfulness and narrative practices. This is an exercise I would offer to someone who is having trouble with self-compassion, or may rely on intellectualization a lot. This exercise can be conducted with a client (as a therapist), or something thatContinue reading “How I Built Me”

Anger: Holding Both – The Power of “And” Part 2

This is the second installment of the Holding Both quotes analysis series. This post explores quotes on anger.

A LOVE Letter To My Clients

One of the most influential debates I remember from school was, “Is it okay to love your clients?” I am going to let that sit there for a bit…. Sounds like a pretty loaded question, huh? At first blush, we might feel like that’s too messy of a feeling to be able to allow andContinue reading “A LOVE Letter To My Clients”

Toxic Positivity

Does positivity sometimes go to far? A poem on toxic positivity.

Grief Counseling: Keeping the light on

Most of us have experienced some form of grief in our lifetime. We know what it feels like and might even be able to describe some of the nuances of it. Many of us may feel lost when it comes to what “to do,” about grief. There comes in grief counseling.  Grief is everywhere. ItContinue reading “Grief Counseling: Keeping the light on”

The 7 Advantages of IM Teletherapy for Therapists and Clients Alike

Teletherapy Instant Message (IM) therapy or teletherapy has been around for years through platforms like BetterHelp and TalkSpace. As a student in the early 2010s, I was pretty skeptical of anything outside of in person therapy. I wondered how you could get a true therapeutic experience at a distance. Teletherapy, however, has been shown toContinue reading “The 7 Advantages of IM Teletherapy for Therapists and Clients Alike”

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