About Jesse

I am a Massachusetts native who has found a home in Virginia for over the past 12 years. I have been passionate about learning, advocating for, and treating mental health and wellness since the age of 17 when I took my first elective in psychology.

Since that first elective, I have gone on to double major in Psychology and Sociology at Roanoke College in Salem, VA and obtained my Master in Social Work through Smith College which is a focused program on clinical social work (psychotherapy). I have experience working with the homeless population, adolescents with behavioral concerns, but a majority of my career has been spent treating those adjusting to new medical conditions or life limiting disease in a medical center/clinic setting. I have specialization in working with cancer patients and their families.

I have additional interest in treating adults experiencing anxiety and OCD, and older adults.

The therapeutic process is a partnership between therapist and client where both parties work to co-create an ideal treatment space to work on goals identified by the client. I prioritize establishing trust and partnership as we work to identify interventions and tools that will allow you to live a life that feels consistent with what is important to you.

I don’t believe that one size fits all with therapeutic approaches, and I offer an eclectic intervention style to best suit your needs. Many of my interventions are informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy tenets, mindfulness, and psychodynamic therapy approaches.

Please check out these links if you are interested in understanding more about these approaches. Also, check out my blog page if you would like to get an idea for my voice and approaches.

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