The Space Between Re-Re-Re Launch

Get it? Bob’s Burgers reference..

Chances are you have found this website and page through my new substack newsletter. Welcome! Welcome to this oft relaunched blog of mine. If you check out my most recent posts in the blog archives, it speaks to the battle I have encountered with keeping up with writing. This ,though, will be the starting of the real deal….now that I have you to hold me accountable.

Next week I will be posting my first full blog post in a year. It will be part of kicking off my new concept of “serializing” content as I mentioned in the newsletter. This means when I write a blog post it will be in tandem with my new podcast content, worksheets, content for clinicians, and premium content, which can be bought in my new store for a low cost. The plan is to release all of this content in my series at the same time! You might notice I already have one worksheet for sale. Definitely check it out, and if you practice ACT as a therapist, you might find it has even more applicability to your work.

Go take a quick look around at some of the new pages I have created with more content coming next week. Podcast page (now with my trailer and intro episode loaded), Resources page, BRBH+ (premium content/store), and more to come. I will be updating some of the interface and visuals as I go along, and appreciate feedback and user experiences with hiccups you encounter.

As a little teaser for my work. Here are my top three posts I published when this blog was in its first version (you can still find all my posts in the archives—and all of the new content will be posted in archives as soon as its released too.) 1, 2, 3.

Thank you for coming this way, and I am so appreciative to be in community with you. Look forward to creating more spaces for us to connect!

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