How I Built Me

   For this post, I am going to offer an exercise that is rooted in mindfulness and narrative practices. This is an exercise I would offer to someone who is having trouble with self-compassion, or may rely on intellectualization a lot. This exercise can be conducted with a client (as a therapist), or something thatContinue reading “How I Built Me”

A LOVE Letter To My Clients

One of the most influential debates I remember from school was, “Is it okay to love your clients?” I am going to let that sit there for a bit…. Sounds like a pretty loaded question, huh? At first blush, we might feel like that’s too messy of a feeling to be able to allow andContinue reading “A LOVE Letter To My Clients”

Communication: Holding Both – The Power of “And”

We can all acknowledge that there is an abundance of quotes out there. Often, we search for quotes to feel inspired or change how we are reflecting on something. The funny thing is that where you can find a quote to inspire in one way, there is another one equally inspiring that can almost communicateContinue reading “Communication: Holding Both – The Power of “And””

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