The Space Between Re-Re-Re Launch

Chances are you have found this website and page through my new substack newsletter. Welcome! Welcome to this oft relaunched blog of mine. If you check out my most recent posts in the blog archives, it speaks to the battle I have encountered with keeping up with writing. This ,though, will be the starting ofContinue reading “The Space Between Re-Re-Re Launch”

The Swearing In of A Therapeutic Space: How to Therapeutically Swear and Fucking Mean it!

As therapists, we are aware of how powerful language is for both healing and harm. We are also appreciative of how limiting language is of human experience. Otto Rank, Sigmund Freud, and Wilfred Bion all theorized that we are born into trauma due in part to not being able to verbalize our initial experiences. ImagineContinue reading “The Swearing In of A Therapeutic Space: How to Therapeutically Swear and Fucking Mean it!”

Psychodynamic Therapy: The Concept of “The Space Between”

My experience with practicing from a psychodynamic perspective started very early on in my psychotherapy career. I was provided with a world class education in psychodynamic therapy from Smith College. I didn’t know Smith’s reputation for training clinicians in psychodynamic therapy, nor how to practice from that lens. Eight years post graduation and I haveContinue reading “Psychodynamic Therapy: The Concept of “The Space Between””

Birding Your Brain: A Mindfulness Exercise

To start this exercise, please find a comfortable position in your chair, on your deck, in bed, on your yoga or meditation mat, or wherever you find yourself reading this post. If that doesn’t feel like a place where you have space to yourself to just be for some moments, try to relocate to findContinue reading “Birding Your Brain: A Mindfulness Exercise”

The Space Between…

Welcome to the Space Between, a blog that I will keep updated Sundays and Wednesdays. You will find a mixture of my thoughts about therapeutically relevant topics and exercises of my own creation. I will also have posts that are designated for other clinicians using more therapeutic jargon that you are also free to viewContinue reading “The Space Between…”

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