Avoidance, Procrastination, and Hiatus, Oh My!

So. Well….This is awkward…   It has clearly been a long, long while since I have published anything on my site. To be exact, I haven’t written a piece since 2021 rolled over. I have an unfinished draft of a piece I was writing on depression that also spoke to how I was feeling during theContinue reading “Avoidance, Procrastination, and Hiatus, Oh My!”

How I Built Me

   For this post, I am going to offer an exercise that is rooted in mindfulness and narrative practices. This is an exercise I would offer to someone who is having trouble with self-compassion, or may rely on intellectualization a lot. This exercise can be conducted with a client (as a therapist), or something thatContinue reading “How I Built Me”

Who Does Your Mind Sublease To?: Naming The Unwanted Internal Roomate

“Those who realize their folly are not true fools.” Zhuangzi If you are reading this, you are likely afflicted with the human condition (unless you are some sort of super computer who has achieved sentience…in which case, I assure you, I am pro-singularity!). Generally, the human condition is a pretty sweet deal, but it doesContinue reading “Who Does Your Mind Sublease To?: Naming The Unwanted Internal Roomate”

Birding Your Brain: A Mindfulness Exercise

To start this exercise, please find a comfortable position in your chair, on your deck, in bed, on your yoga or meditation mat, or wherever you find yourself reading this post. If that doesn’t feel like a place where you have space to yourself to just be for some moments, try to relocate to findContinue reading “Birding Your Brain: A Mindfulness Exercise”

The Space Between…

Welcome to the Space Between, a blog that I will keep updated Sundays and Wednesdays. You will find a mixture of my thoughts about therapeutically relevant topics and exercises of my own creation. I will also have posts that are designated for other clinicians using more therapeutic jargon that you are also free to viewContinue reading “The Space Between…”

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